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Xpeed PVC Dumbbell


Xpeed PVC Dumbbell

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Fitness Equipment

PVC Dumbbells

Build muscle mass and maintain your upper body strength from home with the Xpeed PVC Dumbbells. Great whether you are weight training or just staying fit, these weights are dipped in coloured PVC so they are comfortable to handle as well as providing good grip for sweaty hands. *Each dumbbell sold separately.

Great for Training 

These dumbbells have been designed to assist in a wide range of training and fitness exercises. These include strength training, flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination. They are great for developing deltoids, biceps, triceps or just overall fitness and upper body definition.

Colour Coded 

Each weight level of these PVC dumbbells is colour coded so you can easily tell exactly how much weight you are training with. The colours and weights are:

0.5kg in pink (40 per pack qty)

1kg in purple (20 per pack qty)

1.5kg in green (12 per box qty)

2kg in yellow (10 per box qty)

2.5kg in red (8 per box qty)

3kg in Blue (8 per box qty)

4kg in grey (4 per box qty)

5kg in black (4 per box qty)

*Each dumbbell sold separately.