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Xpeed Competition Kettlebell

Xpeed Competition Kettlebell

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Fitness Equipment

Competition Kettlebell

Competition Kettlebells are made from steel and are specifically designed to meet the specifications of International Kettlebell Competitions. They feature a larger mass in the body of the kettlebell which provides better ballistic abilities for the athlete. As a result, this allows more natural movement and rotation throughout exercises. One of the key differences between Competition Kettlebells and regular kettlebells is that they are universally sized, which means it is easier to maintain the same techniques as you move up in weight. The slimmer handle also helps to prevent fatigue and lateral slippage.


Why use Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are used the world over for general fitness and strength and conditioning. We love them at Xpeed because from the basic swing to moves like clean and jerks, 'KB's' displace the weight differently than a dumbbell. As a result you're forced to use more of your stabiliser muscles and you'll work the muscles you are targeting through a longer range of motion. They're the perfect piece of equipment to add to your training regime as you can use them for full body workouts.

- Made from steel
- Universally sized
- Slimmer handle
- Colour coded for easy identification
- Flat base helps keep the kettlebells upright for storage


Benefits of Competition KB's:

- Train and be competition ready
- Great cardio workout
- Improved functional strength without the repetition of isolated reps
- Flexibility without the need for long poses
- Great variation, never boring
- A completely portable and compact training tool
- It?s safe ? for any age, shape or size
- Combines cardio and strength training
- Dramatically increase core strength