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Xpeed Home Series Gym Ball


Xpeed Home Series Gym Ball

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Fitness Equipment

Xpeed Home Series Gym Balls

The Xpeed Home Series Gym Balls are one of the most versatile exercise aids available. Why do Gym Balls or Fit Balls work? The main benefit of exercising with a gym ball is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, creating a greater activation of core muscles, which can result in improved back and spine health, core stability, posture and muscle balance. Even simply sitting on the ball activates the stabiliser muscles and helps you connect with your centre of gravity.

For the Commercial Xpeed Gym balls sere here. 

Ideal for: 

- Stretching

- Supporting lunges, squats and hamstring exercises

- Chest presses, tricep and bicep work

- Core training

- Can be incorporated into a whole range of workouts

What is the best size for me? 

Generally speaking height recommendations are as follows;

- 145 – 160cm – Use 55cm Ball

- 160 -180cm – Use 65cm Ball

- 180 – 200cm – Use 75cm Ball

Recommended height ranges vary slightly among gym ball manufacturers, but as a good rule of thumb: Sit on the ball and look at your hips and knees. If they’re at right angles with the floor, you’re good to go. 

- Hand pump included

- A2 Size Exercise Chart included

- Weight rating 500kg