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Xpeed Fractional Weights Pack


Xpeed Fractional Weights Pack

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Strength

15kg Fractional Plates Set

As the old saying goes, from little things big things grow and that is exactly the case with the the Xpeed 15kg Fractional Plates set. Break through that dreaded plateau in your lifting program thanks to these incremental loading plates. Designed to help you make small increments which result in consistent weight gains in your training. Powder coated with a smooth finish our fractional plates will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your training setup. In addition, they follow the International Weightlifting Federation colour code.


In the long run small gains will really add up so a set of fractional plates will always come in handy. Perfect for use with the X Series Barbell. 


The pack includes 2 x 0.5kg/ 1kg/ 1.5kg/ 2kg/ 2.5kg plates



- Make consistent small strength gains

- Smash plateaus

- Decrease the chance of risky lifts.


- 100mm plate diameter

- 50.4mm Collar

- Powder coated for easy recognition