Xpeed Australia

Xpeed Standard Curl Bar with Spin Lock Collars

Xpeed Standard Curl Bar with Spin Lock Collars

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Strength

Xpeed Standard Curl Bar with Spin Lock Collars

The Xpeed Spin Curl Bar is a heavy duty and compact bar designed to develop the upper body and arms. As a result you can perform exercises like the bicep curl, reverse curl, upright row, overhead tricep press and many more. In short, adding this bar to your training kit will provide lots of variety to your weight training. 

The outside diameter of the sleeves is 25mm and is designed to receive standard disc plates. For the Xpeed lock curl bar see here


Type ? Steel

Weight ? 6kg

Diameter ? 25mm

Length ? 120 cm

Grip Range ? 80cm

Colour ? Chrome

Other ? 2 x knurled grip areas


This bar comes with a 3 year manufacturers construction warranty.

If manufacturing faults are deemed to have caused a defective bar the warranty will be approved. The warranty will be void if there has been negligent or faulty use, alterations made, incorrect usage or incorrect storage. Warranty excludes spin collars, replacement collars cane be purchased here.