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Xpeed Alpha Half Power Rack

Xpeed Alpha Half Power Rack

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Strength

Xpeed Alpha Half Power Rack

When it comes to elevating your commercial gym space the Xpeed Alpha Half Power Rack offers excellent functionality with minimal impact on footprint. With saving space in mind this rack has been specifically designed for commercial gyms, PT studios and home gyms. Strong and functional the rack includes a 3 way chin-up station plus barbell and plate storage. As a result, keep your gym floor tidy whilst adding a number of exercise options to your training sessions or group classes.

Rack pulls, rack squats, bench press, chin ups and deadlifts are just some of the exercise you're able to do with this robust and sleek design. Safety arms and weight plate storage are included. Which means if you're setting up a 24 hour facility or home gym it is safe to use. This rack is part of the Xpeed Alpha family.

- 3 Way multi-grip chin-up station
- Over sized grip straight chin-up bar, also ideal for mounting suspension trainers
- Safety spotter arms included
- Olympic Barbell storage for 2 bars
- 4 x Olympic Weight plate storage holders
- 4 x Anchor Points to Dyna-Bolt to your gym floor


- Delivered as 3 boxes
- 1 ? 231 / 27 / 17cm (65kg)
- 2 ? 158 / 45 / 17cm (58kg)
- 3 ? 113 / 45 / 30cm (42kg)