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Xpeed Yoga Mat Harmony

Xpeed Yoga Mat Harmony

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Fitness Equipment

Xpeed Harmony Yoga Mat

 Feel at one with the Xpeed Harmony Yoga mat. A high quality, eco friendly mat featuring a cork upper layer fused with a TPE rubber bottom. With 6mm of premium thickness and its built-in rip resistant design, this 100% latex and PVC free mat is crafted to withstand the most intense yoga and pilates sessions. Thanks to the natural characteristics of cork the more you sweat the grippier the mat becomes. In addition, there?s plenty of room to move and improve with dimensions of 1830mm x 610mm and our intelligent X-Align body, foot and hand markings for pose perfection.


Made from Eco Friendly Cork & TPE - The fusion of cork and thermoplastic elastomers means these materials are friendly to your body and the environment. As a result, they can be recycled without harm to the environment which is great for when you're ready to upgrade your mat next time around. For other Xpeed mats that are made of TPE please see the Soul Yoga Mat.  


Roll the mat so the cork is on the outside and avoid folding or creasing the mat. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.  A small amount of soap can be used periodically.  Leave the mat out to dry before rolling and don't leave out in direct sunlight.



Cork surface, TPE bottom

6mm thickness

100% latex and PVC free

X-Align - Intelligent alignment guide to achieve perfection

Non slip; the wetter it gets the grippier it gets

Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

Built for comfort 

Helps provide balance

Rip resistant design

Eco Friendly

Adjustable strap included




3 month manufacturers warranty.