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Xpeed Professional Focus Pads


Xpeed Professional Focus Pads

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Boxing & MMA

Professional Focus Pad

Our Professional Focus Pads are the perfect tool for boxing coaches, gyms, personal trainers and group training.  

Why train with focus pads?

Training with focus pads allows you to practice punching with less impact than you would experience on a punching bag. Training with focus pads also helps develop speed and refine your hitting skills. 

Features & Benefits:

- High-Grade Leather Shell: A lightweight leather shell will provide the boxer with a glove that can withstand the rigours of boxing and the toughest of training sessions day after day.

- Impact Ball: Internal cushioned ball to enable better hand stability and reduce stress on joints from impact.

- Two Layer Foam: A strong two layer foam will provide the pad holder with cushioning and support required from impact during high-intensity training.

- Support Wedge: Raised foam wedge to support correct hand positioning and protect from any wrist impact.