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Xpeed Professional Bumper Plate Bundles


Xpeed Professional Bumper Plate Bundles

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Strength

Xpeed Professional Bumper Plate Packs

Take your training goals to the next level with our Xpeed Professional Bumper Plate Packs. Choose between a 70kg Bumper Plate Pack + 20kg Barbell bundle and a 100kg Bumper Plate Pack + 20kg Barbell bundle. These packs feature an Xpeed P-Series Barbell and a combination of Xpeed Bumper Plates. Hit all the fundamental movement patterns including pushing, pulling, squating and hinging which creates a fantastic platform for your training. The P-Series Barbell has a great feel for the athlete looking to start learning cross training, Olympic lifting and Powerlifting.


70kg Pack Includes:

- 1 x Xpeed P-Series Barbell (20kg)

- 1 x Gorilla Grips Pair

- 2 x 5kg Xpeed Bumper Plates

- 2 x 10kg Xpeed Bumper Plates

- 2 x 20kg Xpeed Bumper Plates


100kg Pack Includes:

- 1 x P-Series Barbell (20kg)

- 1 x Gorilla Grips Pair

- 2 x 5kg Plates

- 2 x 10kg Plates

- 2 x 15kg Plates

- 2 x 20kg Plates 


P-Series Barbell:

– Weight Rating: 450kg/ 1000lbs

– 20kg weight

– 215cm / 7ft

– 41.5cm loadable sleeve

– Black Oxide Shaft

– 4 x needle bearings w/ brass bushing

– Knurl is a fine feel

– No central knurling with dual hand position markings

Bumper Plate features:

– IWF standard 50.4mm inner and 450mm outer diameters.

– IWF standard colour specific weight plate identification.

– Made from high density durable rubber to limit the bounce for safer use.

– Quality smooth finish and stylish colour specific print.

– Compact thickness allows for more plates to be loaded on the bar.



Barbell - 2 year manufacturers construction warranty.

Bumper Plates - We offer a 12 month domestic warranty on the Xpeed Training Bumper Plates, except for the 5kg plates. The 5kg plates have a limited warranty. We strongly advise that they only be dropped on lifting platforms or high density impact matting. Dropping directly on to concrete floors or other rough surfaces may damage the plate and such misuse may void your warranty.

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