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Xpeed Battle Rope with Casing - 15m


Xpeed Battle Rope with Casing - 15m

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Fitness Equipment

Xpeed Battle Rope with Casing

Battle ropes offer a full body strength workout as well as an extreme cardio workout. From bicep waves, lateral whips, crossovers, waves with lunges and jumping slams there are endless ways to use the Xpeed Battle Ropes

Our ropes are nylon cased for everlasting durability. 2 Inch thick rope to improve grip strength and ensure a tough workout!

-Workouts are fast and efficient due to being high intensity
-Burn body fat fast
-Build muscle and burn fat simultaneously
-Improve Grip Strength
-Portable equipment to take your workout anywhere
-Low Impact for big results.
-Works multiple muscles simultaneously