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Xpeed D Series Olympic Curl Bar


Xpeed D Series Olympic Curl Bar

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Strength

EZ Curl Bar - D Series


The Xpeed D Series EZ Curl Bar is a shorter 120cm length barbell. Traditionally this style of bar is used for exercises that work smaller muscle groups such as your biceps and triceps.  In addition, it can often be used in place of a standard barbell when needed for exercises such as bent over rows.


A curl bar allows you to use an underhand grip with your wrists slightly supinated, or turned out. Alternately, you can also use an overhand-based grip on the curl bar with your wrists slightly pronated, or turned inward. As a result, you can target the muscles of the arm and upper body dependant on the style of grip used.



- Knurled handle for grip even with wet hands

- Freely rotating bar for best rotational feel

- Strong chromed steel design for durability

- Great for isolating forearm and upper arm



- Length 120cm

- Bar diameter 29mm

- Weight 10kg

- Weight rating 300kg



1 year Manufacturers Construction Warranty

Not designed for Olympic lifting. Dropping the curl bar will void warranty on manufacturing components.