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Xpeed Tear Drop Bag


Xpeed Tear Drop Bag

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Boxing & MMA

Xpeed Tear Drop Punch Bag

The Xpeed Tear Drop Punch Bag is for Muay Thai stand-up, clinching, kneeing, punching and kicking drills.  The bag has a unique teardrop shape to simulate an opponent. It is a rag filled bag made from the highest quality PU, 1500gsm, never tear material and comes with a chain swivel.


- Premium construction, high quality PU

- Heavy-duty water-resistant

- Non-tear lining

- Rag filled

- 1500 GSM


– Xpeed Punchbags are covered by a manufacturing warranty that covers the structural integrity of the product

– Use of  punchbags without proper hook & swivel will void warranty.