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Xpeed Professional MMA

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Boxing & MMA

Professional MMA Gloves

The Xpeed Professional MMA Gloves are designed to compliment the skills required of an MMA fighter including chop strikes, punches and grappling. The versatility a fighters hands means intelligent thin padding must be included in the glove design to help carry out MMA moves freely.

Features & Benefits:

- Stitchless Webbing - Floating finger design for stichless finger webbing. The ultimate comfort when striking and clenching

- High Grade Leather Shell - A lightweight leather shell will provide the fighter with a glove that can withstand the rigours of grappling and the toughest of training sessions day after day.

- Wrist Protection - Additional wrist padding for extra protection when training and sparring.

- 2” Wrist Elasticised Strap - The thick, elasticised wrap is designed to give the fighter the the tightest and strongest wrist support and prevent any wrist flex when landing punches.