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Xpeed Professional Boxing Mitts


Xpeed Professional Boxing Mitts

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Boxing & MMA

Professional Boxing Mitts

The Xpeed Professional Boxing Mitts are a great training tool if you're starting out on your boxing journey at home or the gym. They provide the essential support needed for light bag work and focus pad work. 

What is the difference between boxing mitts and boxing gloves?

Typically, boxing gloves are rated via their weight. On the other hand, pardon the pun,
boxing mitts, are rated by their hand size. Essentially a mitt is lighter & cheaper than a weighted boxing glove, which also means it's lighter on the budget.


Mitts Features & Benefits:

- High-Grade Leather Shell: A lightweight leather shell will provide the boxer with a glove that can withstand the rigours of boxing and the toughest of training sessions day after day.

- Webbed Thumb: The webbed thumb will provide the boxer with thumb protection and maintain correct hand position while also preventing any eye injuries for a training partner.

- Injection Moulded Foam: A one piece injection moulded foam will provide the boxer with a comfortable shape and cushioning to the glove while still providing strong and sturdy support.

- 3” Elasticised Wrist Strap: The thick, elasticized wrap is designed to give the boxer the tightest and strongest wrist support and prevent any wrist flex when landing punches.

Available in: Small-Medium And Large-XLarge