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Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball


Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball

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  • Brand: Xpeed Australia
  • Type: Boxing & MMA

Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball

The Xpeed Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball is a great training tool for any boxer. Regular workouts featuring your floor to ceiling ball will allow you to achieve a fantastic cardio workout, whilst toning your upper and lower body. The main benefit of including a floor to ceiling ball into your training regime is the ability to improve punching speed, defensive reflexes and overall agility.

Benefits & Features:

- High Grade Leather Shell - A lightweight leather shell will provide the boxer with a glove that can withstand the rigours of boxing and the toughest of training sessions day after day.

- Butyl Bladder - High quality butyl bladder results in maintaining higher air tention and air pressure for longer periods.

- 14” Floor to Ceiling Ball

- This 14” inch floor to ceiling has a reduced hitting zone that will encourage an accuracte, technical and intense training session.